5 ParceLive features that separate Hanhaa from the competition

on March 26, 2020
1) 65+ Days Battery Life:

Unbeknownst to many, ParceLive’s battery life is one of the most superior on the market. There are many ParceLive users who frequently ship cargo to the furthest stretches of the earth and in doing so, require a monitoring solution that can last the distance, all the while providing the user with updates on the location, condition and security of their cargo.

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Callum5 ParceLive features that separate Hanhaa from the competition

Hanhaa’s commitment during COVID-19

on March 20, 2020
The supply chain is the network that keeps a business alive. We understand that all businesses the world over have been hit hard by COVID-19, allowing us to quickly realise where our armour is most penetrable, and in turn, devising and seeking new and improved solutions.

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CallumHanhaa’s commitment during COVID-19

Visibility noted as the biggest challenge to pharma logistics

on March 17, 2020
• Industry experts note visibility as the biggest Pharma logistics Supply Chain Challenge
• Healthcare tapping into the potential of an increasingly connected world
• ‘IoT’ the cure for industrial connectivity in pharma
• Greater visibility allows for efficiency improvement, costs reduction and an undeniable competitive advantage.

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Stephen HartnettVisibility noted as the biggest challenge to pharma logistics

Hunicorn: New channel partner

on March 17, 2020
Founded in 1991, Hunicorn International Freight Forwarding Limited provides comprehensive 3PL logistics services in Hungary and neighbouring countries. They handle sea shipment, air, project cargoes, OOG (oversized) shipments, flexitanks, ISO tanks, reefers, dangerous cargo and even personal effects.

Hunicorn operate as a classical international forwarding company, concluding transport contracts on behalf of and for their clients with rail, road, ship and airline companies. As of today, Hunicorn have announced that they are now a channel partner of Hanhaa, the internet-of-things innovator with a successful cargo tracking product.

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CallumHunicorn: New channel partner